Sunday, May 13, 2012

"What's A Zombie To Do, When His House Is Split In 2?" Reviews By The "Experts" at Windom Elementary

I was able to receive some great feedback from the children in a club at my kids' elementary school for kids in divorced families.  They are the reason I wanted to write a book like this, so any child that is living in a blended family, or in the midst of a divorce or separation can see that they are not to blame for what is happening. I was happy to share my first copy with the school and I am thrilled they enjoyed it. Here are some snippets of what they had to say:

"Dear Mr. Kent, I love the book. It was so good. I think I might like to have a step-mom. My family is split in 2 too!"

"I thought your books are amazingly great! It is kind of my life except I haven't known my dad my whole life"

"I love your book, "What's A Zombie To Do, When His House Is Split In 2?" It is sooo good!"

"Mr. Kent, I thought your book is fabulous."

"Dear Mr. Kent, I like your book, I think it is really something that happens to real kids. It was like most divorces. People will probably read the book and think about how their parents got divorced and say that's the same way their parents got divorced. They would love the book because they would have a book that basically is about them kind of. I like the book because I liked how you wrote the book like you had this experience. It was a terrific book."

"Dear Mr. Kent, I enjoyed your marvelous book! I felt the same way as Ed and Jane. I thought my parents divorce was my fault." - (this one made me tear up.)

" I liked your book. It's probably like how my parents divorce went, but I don't know because I was too young. I also think that it was good for them to divorce because they will still fight"


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