I never believed that I would have to live through a zombie apocalypse. One day I was Ed Kirk, a normal sixteen-year-old boy with a loving family, a beautiful girlfriend, and a full life ahead of me. Now I'm on the run from zombies, being hunted by a dark force that threatens my very existence, all the while trying to escape this town and find help. Oh, yeah, one more thing: I'm a zombie too!



 Come with Zombie Ed as he takes you to his school, and meet his friends and go to class, and he'll show you why it's cool!

   Zombie Ed can count things all the way to twenty.  You and all your friends can "count" on having fun a plenty!

Ed loves to go trick or treating, for that there is no doubt.  Celebrate Halloween with Zombie Ed and see what it's all about!

Zombie Ed loves the alphabet.  What are some things that start with the letters A to Z? Visit Zombie Ed and all his friends and you will plainly see!

Zombie Ed is being bullied, his voice will be heard.
Nobody should endure dealing with hate.
Ed takes a stand and knows it's not too late! 

Zombie Ed and his little sister Jane have a happy life on Mudberry Lane until one day their mom and dad come to them with terrible news. They're getting a divorce! Now they're afraid life will never be the same!
An Empty Space in Class

Zombie Ed has to deal with the hardest challenge yet: The death of a classmate. How will he handle this devastating news?

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"Stop Bullying Me! I'm A Zombie. So What?" Channel 7 News Report

Ed Undead: Dead Like Me (The Chronicles Of A Teenage Zombie)

Ed Undead: Dead Like Me (The Chronicles Of A Teenage Zombie)
Novel coming soon!