Friday, October 26, 2012

My Top 5 Zombie Movies

1. Shaun of the Dead

A classic zombie movie, but with tons of humor, and in England, no doubt! Just enough scary mixed with gags to make it the perfect combination if you like your zombies on the lighter side!

2. Night of the Living Dead

The original, "started it all" movie. Black and white adds to the creepiness and scares. Hard not to appreciate Romero's social commentary as well.

 3. Dawn of the Dead

Far better than the remake. Set in a mall, this is creepy and fun as well. Wouldn't you imagine that a mall would be the best (and worst!) place to be?

4. 28 Weeks Later

In my opinion, better than the first one. Hard to get used to running zombies, but it adds to the scare factor for sure. Good story, with a bittersweet (and terrifying) ending.

5. Zombieland

Like Shaun of the Dead, humor mixed with frights, with a more "realistic" feel as to the type of people you may meet on the road.

Honorable mentions: Obviously The Walking Dead is a superior zombie tale, but I said "movies" so I felt compelled to leave it off the list. Others would be, Day of the Dead (original), 28 Days Later, Land of the Dead, Night of the Living Dead (Remake)
What about you??

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Ed Undead: Dead Like Me (The Chronicles Of A Teenage Zombie)
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