Tuesday, November 29, 2011

'Tis The Season

The snow hasn't fallen yet, and we're not yet into December, but now that Thanksgiving is over, we can begin to feel Christmas slowly making its presence known.  I know, some radio stations started playing holiday music in October, and stores had decorations up in September, but for me, until Santa finishes the Macy's Day Parade on Thanksgiving, it doesn't officially begin. 
I think that everyone, young and old, should watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Not only is it a classic, but the lesson it teaches is timeless.  Nobody gets ragged on more than Charlie Brown, and for what really? Okay, he's bald and never seems to change that yellow shirt, but his heart is good; he's polite and treats others with respect and kindness.  Even when he is being treated poorly.  It never changes who he is and how he acts. After losing sight of what Christmas really means, he is able to discover for himself what is really important, and in doing so, others soon follow.
Let's all remember what's important, who's important, and let's treat everybody with kindness and respect, no matter how we are treated by others or what kind of day we are having.
Truth be told, don't we all have a little Charlie Brown in all of us?

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